Win victory in war & life from the chronicles of Sun-Tzu

The hardest part of reading and learning from Sun Tzu is deciphering the information.

Good news for you – I do it for you here in a quick concise easily digestible format.

How to Win

Anyone can become a soldier – even you.

Keys: Discipline; Fear; Motivation

Leaders need to give clear orders and directions.

Communication is vital.

All warfare is deception and those who win battles without fighting are truly noble.

Get double agents to work for you – this provides an intelligence advantage.

Foreknowledge and secret intelligence provides a strategic advantage which provides enhanced timing and improved momentum.


If double agents are vital for your success: Provide them with lavish rewards for their services.

We do our best when there is no retreat available; when there is no opportunity to give up.

Manager’s mange – Leaders lead.

Political context is more important than war.

Entice the opposition with bait; control their effort by providing a need.

Use deception: have the opposition focus on a decoy and when their attention is distracted implement your direct attack on the real objective.

Know your enemy and know yourself.

Avoid what is strong and attack what is weak (guerrilla warfare).

Achieve goals with minimal use of effort and resources.


These keys to winning in all situations need to be adapted to your specific situation.

When used correctly, they are the laws of winning that have found no enemy that could overcome these advantages.

This has been a condensed identification of ancient tactics that have provided success for the greatest winners and stood the test of time
and showed victoriously in multiple situations.

The messages above have been interpreted from the great text,
Sun Tzu: Art of War.

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