What is Leadership Development?

What is Leadership Development?

     Leadership development is an activity that enhances Leadership ability within the defined leadership situation which concerns developing individuals through different developmental exercises.  The myth associated with leadership is that it is developed from inborn traits, but the truth behind the mystery of Leadership is that this unique ability is learned.  The art of leadership is based on a large-scale of traits that no one individual can possibly encompass, although, there are high potential individuals that possess many leadership factors that contribute to success at the highest level.  Identifying strengths and enhancing those well-defined abilities is integral to enhancing overall leadership ability and organizational psychologist have spent many decades deciphering the leadership code.

     There are multiple factors that combine to form the personality of a leader.  Not all great leaders are developed equally; to the contrary, most great leaders are drastically different from one another.  Personality traits, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, self-awareness, and instinctual factors conjoin to form the prominent behaviors of esteemed leaders.  Leadership is difficult and requires a well-trained individual to handle the immense responsibility.  Everyone wants to be the highly respected leader, but no one wants the responsibility that comes with the position.  This increases the difficulty associated with being a competent leader because of the difficulty associated with getting buy-in from followers.  A leader is merely an individual with followers and there is no such thing as a leader without followers. 

    Overall awareness concerning leadership requirements an all important first step that prevents averse communications that hinder relationship growth between leaders and followers.  Transferring the appropriate knowledge to high potential leaders is essential for leadership success and accurate translation of leadership knowledge into action can greatly increase the aptitude of a respective organization.  Distinct leadership abilities begin with the inner self – Self-awareness, self-control, high self-monitoring, an internal locus of control, and most importantly, the motivation to be the leader.  No one can become a great leader without the motivation to be a leader – Warner Burke.

Executive Leadership Coaching

    Transferring of leadership knowledge has been identified in several circumstances which include action learning, mentoring, multi-rater feedback, and more specifically, executive coaching.   Multi-rater feedback has been shown in multiple research articles to be more effective with the implementation of executive coaching.  Mentoring is a wonderful tool that transfers the ability to operate within a specific organizational culture, but lacks the confidential non-bias environment that is needed for true leadership development.  Professional executive coaching provides this monumental approach to leadership development by infusing action learning and executive coaching together to expedite the developmental process.

    High potential leaders are promoted for being technically great at what they do in regards to operations in certain niche areas.  They have proved their worth to their organization by showing their dedication, work ethic, and high integrity when it comes to company functions.  They have shown their ability to execute under stressful circumstances and have excelled by providing the highest quality of work.  Their managerial abilities were exceptional and their successful operational style influenced positive overall group processes.  They have learned to take on increased responsibility and have shown their ability to succeed as leaders.  The developmental next step in the career game is to climb the hierarchical ladder to the next level which involves leading a larger amount of associates, increased responsibility, and relinquished control over multiple situations.  This extreme decrease in control is counter-intuitive which creates a damaging effect on the overall behavior of most leaders who are used to having full control.  The new enlarged leadership position now places different demands on the leader which causes them to change their operational methods from a command and control style into a persuasive style that leverages the strengths of group associates to accomplish greater tasks.

    This behavioral transformation takes great effort and should not be underestimated.  Leadership development requires a skilled executive coach that understands the emotional rollercoaster involved with the leadership process as described above.  A successful coach-leader relationship will exponentially increase the learning curve needed to become a great leader.  The amount of time, money, frustration, damaged relationships, and more that are saved through investing in an executive coach during the leadership development process is priceless.
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Keith Miller

Keith Lawrence Miller, Organizational Psychologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC), with subject matter expertise in executive career & leadership coaching and management consulting supported by a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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