The greatest season for an NFL quarterback

You heard it here first…

This year’s 2011-2012 NFL season was definitely the year of the quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers won the MVP, Drew Brees broke unbreakable records, but one quarterback bested them both.

(1) quarterback bested every other quarterback of all-time.

(6 of 9) Team Wins by 4th quarter game-winning drives.

(15) NFL Record 4th quarter touchdown passes (mostly to win the game).

1 final Super Bowl game winning 4th quarter drive.

Winner’s win and the stat that matters the most is the WIN.

The measure of greatness that matters is the WIN.

Eli has mastered the art of the win in 2011-2012

He might not have the flash of Namath, the smile of Brady, the Marino tan, the Johnny U stare, the Favre attraction, or the Montana mystic, but his winning style trumps them all.

It takes a well-trained eye to see through the fog of aura and notice true unsung greatness.

Manning does not fit the stereotypical prototype of a proclaimed great quarterback.

He doesn’t boast about his greatness or point to the upper deck.

No doubt, Montana and Brady have won more up to this point in time (2/6/12).

  • Comparing Apples to Apples – Eli had the greatest season for an NFL quarterback of all-time.

30 years of watching football with an autistic eye for the game.

I have seen the greats of the game play at their best.

Eli Manning is magical on and off the field – He is the definition of Leadership

  • Bar-none

I have never witnessed this level of greatness and neither has anyone else.

What he’s doing is undefined & unrecognized which is why it is not being identified.

  • No one has ever done what he is doing.

The beauty is he doesn’t want the recognition – He wins for his team.

All research-based Leadership literature points to factors that Eli represents.

It is simply amazing!!

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