The Secrets of Professional Coaching


secret of professonal coaching

Professional business and life coaching is action-focused and results-oriented. Coaches enable clients to enhance their focus on developing successful solutions and to mitigate self-defeating beliefs about their performance.

Coaches have and instill a single-minded focus on achievement.

Professional Coaching is not for everyone and not all coaches are created equal.

Coaching is a learned discipline and a powerful medium between therapy, mentoring, and consulting. The character traits needed to be an exceptional coach are many and begin with the ability to truly listen and discern meaningful information in real-time. Also, the ability to manage empathy at its highest level is essential for developing the necessary connection between coach and client that leads to synergistic success. Furthermore, the ability to understand the client’s personal and professional position in life and to provide overly valuable and timely feedback that challenges and motivates the client to develop relative skills to improve is an essential skill.

Coaching provides the client with a competitive advantage over the competition and enables an intense learning experience about oneself and the respective situation at an accelerated speed. This style of learning greatly enhances self-esteem and self-awareness inside the confines of a secure and confidential experience with a qualified personal coach.

A coaching candidate requires the ability to handle unbiased feedback that at times can challenge self-identity. A potential client should be resilient enough to overcome self-doubt and to meet predetermined goals for overall improvement. A determined need to be successful in life is a prerequisite for an outstanding client. Ultimately, having a coach is a fashion statement which says to the world that you are an overachiever who has the ability to employ a professional coach to maximize performance, potential, and opportunity.

Quality coaching is not cheap and the cost of coaching is relative to the expertise and support that is provided. A coach should constantly challenge their belief system and make constant changes for improvement in their personal and professional development. A coach should walk the talk and have a total commitment to the craft of coaching.

Coaching branches off into niches and specialties because of targeting a specific market and expanding from that specialized foundation, but coaching skills are universal and apply to multiple levels in personal and professional development. A truly skilled coach has the ability to adapt to the situation and rework their coaching tools to conform to the desired goals of their client.

Education is the ultimate equalizer and utilizing a coach to enhance personal and professional development to maintain equilibrium in today’s fast-paced, 24/7 globalized environment is becoming a mandatory choice for continued excellence.

Why are some leaders exceptionally better than their counterparts? Why do some workers always excel in their work? Why are some parents better than others? They have a confidential secret that enables them to create an intense focus on achievement and that secret is professional coaching.


Keith Lawrence Miller, M.A., PCC, BCC, CPRW

Elite Pro Coach | Ivy League Resumes

ICF Certified & Credentialed Coach (PCC) | Board Certified Coach (BCC)

M.A. Columbia University | Organizational Psychologist

(855) My-Pro-Coach | Skype (718) 717-2820 |

Leadership coaching is dedicated to enhancing leadership skills and abilities by enhancing the leader within and creating self-awareness. Targeting and understanding the underlying processes that dictate predictable behaviors creates a necessary awareness in alignment with reality that enables superior leadership. All leadership is not equal, but rather, fluid, flexible, and adaptive to the situation and environment. Implementing the correct developmental process proactively separates the good from the great. Our leadership coaching processes develops great leaders. However, facing perceived fears, accepting critical feedback, and managing emotional highs & lows in alignment with universal laws is required for maximizing personal and professional growth.

Everyone is capable of being a leader and that leadership begins with leading the self. The material offered goes above and beyond generic leadership content found on other leadership sites such as mission, vision, and tactics of leadership. Rather, we expand on these processes and include the real human aspect and psychological foundation of creating valued connections that by association inspire followers to exceed performance expectations. Additionally, these writings are geared to elicit behaviors that make leaders more follower-friendly, and attempt by diffusion, to refine the skills needed to lead successfully.

Keith Miller

Keith Lawrence Miller, Organizational Psychologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC), with subject matter expertise in executive career & leadership coaching and management consulting supported by a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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