Negotiate like a Pro – Quick List of Negotiating Tips

Most people don’t like to negotiate – studies have shown that negotiation is the main  reason women receive less pay when compared to men in the workplace.  Negotiation does not always have to be sneaky or intimidating – especially if you know certain techniques.  Organizations want to know how well you can negotiate because this ability will serve the organizational cause in the future – If you are poor at negotiating then you will be perceived as a liability to the company and receive less money in the process.  Below are a few solid techniques to aid you in your development of negotiating skills and to earning a greater degree of respect from the other side.

  • Negotiations are time-bound and 80% of the action happens during the final 20% of the time
  • Strategy: Create additional demands during the final 20% of time to increase pressure
  • Enter negotiations with a full understanding of what you are willing to accept
  • Bring your requirements along with a list of unreasonable requests to create camouflage
  • Each side likes to win points and these unreasonable requests will serve you well during the final portion of negotiation
  • Make them seem important and do not show your hand – they will allow you to achieve your goal
  • Give up your unreasonable requests late in the negotiation so the other side will get a win and you could exchange for something important
  • Watch body language to see if it aligns with what is being said verbally – misalignment means a bluff or lie


Stay patient – Patience Wins


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