Financial Freedom vs. Financial Security

Financial Freedom vs. Financial Security

Do you want a job that pays you a lot of money at the
expense of all personal costs?

Is financial security more important than financial freedom?

Are you willing to advert having a loving family and
discretionary time to labor at a job that might not be interesting or fun in
return for a large sum of money?

Both choices are a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom does not define a high paying job but,
rather, is defined by having an enjoyable life and the choice of the premiere situation
that makes you the happiest at that moment.

Would you enjoy taking a vacation at any moment you desired?
How about waking up each day and deciding what you would like to do that day
and doing it? How does having a family and truly enjoying every moment sound?
How about having a job that you truly enjoy from the people you work with, your
boss, and the tasks that you decide to take on and accomplish? In short, no one
dictates your life but YOU.

This is what financial freedom is and this is the aim of our generation.

There is an old saying that says, “You can’t take it with
you”. This is true, but great wealth has been left for the enjoyment of
future relatives. But, is that always what is best? People tend to not
appreciate money as much when it is not earned and fortune over time does not
bring true happiness.

Money brings power!

Mo Money Mo Problems”- Maybe?

Does money bring true love, happiness, and respect? Or, are there other
variables involved in garnering this type of adoration?

My personal belief is that we should strive to enjoy the
life we have today, and to set up a pleasant life through financial freedom for
us, our family, and our friends around us.


This is a bigger question that we will cut short by
saying, each of us needs to find our path to financial freedom and there are
multiple paths to this personal euphoria.

The better question is, “What is your definition of Financial Freedom”?

When you define that – set up an action plan to get it and live in your success.

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