Batman Murders and Public Accountability

First, to be clear, I detest the murders of innocent people. I will refrain from mentioning names due to my beliefs.

These people are motivated to kill because of the need to be famous. Their efforts are rewarded with immense notoriety that our society cast upon them. They’re transformed into instant rock stars basting in rays of public attention that over-feed their insatiable egotistical appetite.

We make serial killers into legends and their stories transcend generations. They make front page news worldwide with their photo plastered dead-center to stain their faces into public memory. Documentaries are created and media blitzes are centered on their new movie.

This incentivizes these people who hide in darkness to reach out, kill our loved ones and innocent people, like you and I. The public attraction to the abnormal and thrusting these killers into the spotlight only motivates others to entertain the idea of being a copycat.

We know who killed President Lincoln but not the names of those who gave their lives for fairness and justice.

Leaders need to make culture changing decisions, and we, the public, have to embrace this change in the name of freedom. Innocent people do not deserve to die and by giving our attention and focus to these malicious actions only enhances the power of darkness. We are spreading their work, their evil intentions, and destructive impact into the mass of influential minds. These killers are motivated by gaining fame and our society meets their needs. The message they receive is “kill to fulfill your monstrous ego”.

We need to make a change instead of rewarding this behavior – We NEED to punish it.

The solution is for us to erase them and their existence from memory. Their legacy should not be carried on and only a record of criminality should remain. We should not glorify these criminal actions, but rather, we should band together and empower our innocent victims. Any of us at anytime could become the victim of a tragic circumstance and this is a blunt reality. We need to identify the contributing factors and limit their impact to protect our families and each other. We need to destroy all materials about former infamous killers and stop idolizing them and their actions. This is a contributing factor that motivates these well planned attacks on our innocent.

We endorse mothers who kill their kids with our attention. Everyone is well aware of that case because the media covered the story 24 hours a day which granted this person freedom and the ability to become a millionaire. That is not justice and is unconsciously telling the public a storyline that should not exist. This was created by a joint effort. Watching and spreading the message is contributing to the final result. We need to take a stand. The media publicizes news that we collectively watch. If we turn it off, as a country, and make a statement, then this form of glorifying will steadily disappear. We all have a say and together we can make a complete change.

Our society is modernized and we have due process. If not, a public display of an “eye for an eye” would send a powerful message to potential wrongdoers and help protect our innocent. I start to understand the barbarianism of public killings in history because it sent a message. “You do what this person did and you will find yourself in the same place” or “Go ahead, Make my Day”.

A current example of erasing a legacy when someone creates or allows harm is Penn State’s Joe Paterno. The NCAA removed over 1,000 wins which prevents him from being the most all-time winning coach in college football history, and his Alma Mata, Brown University, removed him from their notable alumni list.

This is a great first step and sets a precedent. This sends a strong message to potential predators – (when you are caught you will be punished). This is a form of protection for our innocent children.

The problem is, the offending actions were only acknowledged as wrong after a court of law proclaimed a guilty verdict instead of before the crimes took place. Hopefully, we will start to see more of these grandstand actions taken against criminals of this magnitude and our culture will learn to punish instead of reward.

Keith Lawrence Miller, Executive Career Coach

Keith Lawrence Miller, MA – Executive Career Coach

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Keith Miller

Keith Lawrence Miller, Organizational Psychologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC), with subject matter expertise in executive career & leadership coaching and management consulting supported by a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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