16 quick Networking Tips & Techniques

Networking Tips & Techniques

 1. Set goals before arriving
 2. Arrive early
 3. Review the attendees
 4. Help at the registration desk
 5. Maintain eye contact
 6. Show enthusiasm
 7. Ask questions
 8. Be nonthreatening
 9. Don’t come on too strong
 10. Gather information
 11. Act interested
 12. Learn about their profession
 13. Find out about their personal lives
 14. Find out what they really need or want
 15. Don’t be in a rush to leave a meeting
 16. Act like a host, not a guest: Guests wait to be introduced – A host introduces themselves.

Except from: Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days by Jay Levinson & Al Lautenslager

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