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Advantages of Leadership Coaching

Advantages of Leadership Coaching Exclusive benefits and advantages of leadership coaching are wide-reaching and positively influence the business, shareholders, and board members of the organization. The business investment simply makes cents. A well versed leader can lead priorities forward and add value to the bottom line which can be measured by the number of people […]

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills: Underestimating Complexity!

Soft skills are defined as such, in order to marginalize. The applied internal systems are vastly complex and difficult to define. This makes self-perceived experts extremely uncomfortable. “Soft” skills do not operate using an interval scale and are dissimilar to finance or physics. The central challenge in applying and understanding “soft” skills is the systems […]

Coaching you to be a Millionaire

A million dollars seems like a fantasy, even a mirage. It may seem that only other people achieve that level of success. Most people are drowning in debt while only a small percentage of others are enjoying wealth. What if I told you that acquiring a million dollars is the same as getting your first […]

Leadership Coaching – Return on Investment (ROI)

The transferring of leadership knowledge has been identified in several circumstances including action learning, mentoring, multi-rater feedback, and more specifically, Executive Leadership Coaching. Multi-rater feedback has been shown in several research articles to be more effective with the implementation of executive leadership coaching. Mentoring is a wonderful tool that transfers the ability to operate within […]

What do Infants have to do with Leadership?

What do Infants have to do with Leadership? Everything! Leaders need followers to be labeled a leader. Without followers there is no leader. People make up groups and groups are formed with individuals that have similar characteristics. Groups need leaders and understanding the core unconscious formation of groups is essential for instilling an appropriate leadership […]

Leading Freedom and Personal Accountability

What is freedom and what is it worth to you? When I think about the meaning of Freedom: I think about… U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights Genocide and Communism Cuba’s Socialism and Socially Constricting Religious Constructs Science and Speech Woman’s rights and Capitalism Trade and Entrepreneurism Ultimately, Freedom is not perfect, but together, […]

Daily Choice is the “Real” Vote

Let’s not talk about politics, but let’s talk about your vote. You have a right to vote and your vote counts each and every day. Your choice is a vote and our collective vote determines the success and failure of businesses and initiatives alike. We collectively determine our future with the power of our vote. […]

Michelle On Leadership

The 9 systems of leadership are relational, psychological, leverage of power, leverage of skill, negotiation, sacrifice, responsibility, living in paradox, and vision. Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech effectively and seamlessly touched on the leadership system which is why her speech has been revered by the public and critics alike. Relational Her speech began with […]

The Secrets of Professional Coaching

  Professional business and life coaching is action-focused and results-oriented. Coaches enable clients to enhance their focus on developing successful solutions and to mitigate self-defeating beliefs about their performance. Coaches have and instill a single-minded focus on achievement. Professional Coaching is not for everyone and not all coaches are created equal. Coaching is a learned […]

Strategy Demystified

The term strategy is widely used and applied to many processes and situations in which are not strategy. The concept of strategy is misused in many circumstances and not truly understood. Most people look like a deer in the headlights when “Strategy” is mentioned. The following is a quick and concise guide to understanding “Strategy”. The […]