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37 Traits of Leadership

Resiliency Integrity Charisma Vision Fairness Consideration for others Leading diverse employees Intellectual stimulation Courage Loyalty Dependability Self confidence Responsibility and accountability Flexibility Judgment Perseverance/tenacity Desire Mentoring and developing Decision making Communications Negotiation Delegation Empowerment Prioritizing Decisiveness Physical and emotional stamina Goal setting Planning Organizing Measuring business performance Measuring employee performance Assessing risks Reward and recognition […]

Changing the Way the World Works

The economy is still struggling and the job market has been less than inviting.  Prospective employees are staying on the sidelines and the employee selection process is less than effective.  People are hired for all the wrong reasons and talented individuals find themselves on the outside looking in because they fail to prepare in an […]

Performance Coaching – Bring out your Professional Best

Performance coaching has many benefits and advantages for executives, employees and managers working in all kinds of organizations. It helps to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the team which not only reflects on the company’s growth but also each employee’s personal growth. This kind of coaching is usually carried out by experts who […]

Negotiate like a Pro – Quick List of Negotiating Tips

Most people don’t like to negotiate – studies have shown that negotiation is the main  reason women receive less pay when compared to men in the workplace.  Negotiation does not always have to be sneaky or intimidating – especially if you know certain techniques.  Organizations want to know how well you can negotiate because this ability will serve the organizational […]