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What do Infants have to do with Leadership?

What do Infants have to do with Leadership? Everything! Leaders need followers to be labeled a leader. Without followers there is no leader. People make up groups and groups are formed with individuals that have similar characteristics. Groups need leaders and understanding the core unconscious formation of groups is essential for instilling an appropriate leadership […]

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Jack Lalanne, 60 Minutes, and the truth about Sugar and Obesity

60 Minutes televised a segment about new research findings concerning the negative effects of sugar. These findings have been claimed as breakthrough and I find this hard to believe. In the U.S., we live in a society that is deemed over 50% obese and our food choices are filled with an abundance of sugar. Do we really need science […]

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Political Power Struggle, Corruption, and Unemployment

Political Power Struggle, Corruption, and Unemployment  What is the connection? This will shock you!! Who will you choose to be the next President of the United States of America? Does it really matter? Will one person with mutually aligned values and principles really make a difference among a system where incentives rule the divide? Can […]

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