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1. Leadership Coaching Solutions

2. Executive Coaching for Behavioral Change

3. Intelligence Training for Leadership (Emotional, Social, Cultural)

4. Career Coaching: Career Management & Development: Executive Ivy League Resumes, Mock Interview Coaching, LinkedIn Profile Updates, Exclusive Resumes 

5. Consulting: Business Solutions

6. Professional Assessments ranging from Leadership to Personality and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

7. ICF Mentor Coaching leading to Credential and Certification

8. Certified Coach Training for Organizations

9. Six Sigma Black Belt Project Management

Testimonials: What others are saying about our Services and Professionalism

“Keith is an exceptional, empowering coach who walks the talk.  He’s a successful, high achiever who is truly passionate about helping and motivating his clients to raise the bar, stay focused, and take action to reach their goals.  His approachable and professional demeanor provided me with a safe space to explore my challenges and opportunities for growth.  Intelligent and well-read, I found Keith to be an excellent resource, in addition to being a tremendously skilled coach.”

Jamie McKenna, COO, Dynamic Perspectives – Executive Coach & Consultant

“I have had the privilege of being coached by The Elite Coach, Mr. Keith Lawrence Miller.  He is the kind of coach who listens attentively to his clients and genuinely cares about their best interest.  Keith is a very competent coach, whose coaching skills transcend cultural differences. His high levels of empathy and extensive business knowledge characterize his coaching style.  He tastefully applies key Emotional Intelligence competencies to empower and inspire his clients to maximize their professional performance, increase one’s sense of fulfillment and strive to attain further destinations of learning.  Keith has coached me successfully on ways to turn my visions into worthwhile business applications, which has had a profound impact on my self-confidence and empowered me to be even more creative.”

Razan Z. KilaniEmotional Intelligence Expert, Canada

“The Million Dollar Coaching Company’s Keith Miller is a highly skilled listener who is open, committed, responsive, and driven.  While working with him, I was amazed to find that he was juggling work, school and family responsibilities, all while building his business.  Keith seemed to meet all of his responsibilities with great ease.  Additionally, I have not met many people who are as skilled as Keith at creating and implementing a plan of action, and, because of this, he is able to expertly coach others to do the same.  When working with Keith as a coach, you can know he has the knowledge and skill to support you in overcoming obstacles and will remain totally focused on your success.  Keith is a stand-out human being, and a fantastic coach!”

Terri O’Brien, PhD Candidate, College Professor & Professional Coach

“Keith displayed a unique coaching delivery style with his dynamic skill set.  He possesses tactical expertise based on his psychology background and displays a high level of competence in his listening, analytical thinking, leadership and in his support structure for our coaching relationship.  This approach has helped me gain new insights, clarity on the issues, and confidence to pursue my goals.  His coaching approach brings a high-level of calmness and assurance to the coaching process, his enthusiasm and strategic thinking allows him to connect with me in any given moment during each coaching session.  Keith has been a pleasure to work with and I’ll continue to refer his unique coaching services.”

Dr. Hortense Ross-Innerarity, Small Business Development Analyst/Coach, SBE Business Support Centre

“The Million Dollar Coaching Company’s Keith Lawrence Miller is a work horse, a bull-dog, a forceful man of his word.  His energy is contagious and will propel you towards ever higher goals for yourself and your community.  Keith is serious, committed and practical but knows both the value of a smile and when to push.” • Joshua Warren, Esq., EdD Candidate Columbia University
“Keith Lawrence Miller is one of the most dedicated and driven people I know.  He never shies away from a new task, and he doesn’t take his time getting it done either.  In addition to his extraordinary work ethic, Keith is a real stand up guy.  He is always ready to open himself up to new people and experiences and does so with honesty and integrity.”

Chris Young, M.A. Organizational Psychology, Columbia University

“Keith Lawrence Miller of the Million Dollar Coaching Company helped instill confidence and belief in myself that I always had but needed a little friendly push and positive reinforcement to actualize it. I was lacking confidence for an interview when a friend of mine told me to contact Keith. I was skeptical at first because I felt I already knew what to say during the interview. However, after talking with Keith, I realized my approach needed refining and with the aid of Keith I was able to take control of the interview. The experience has helped me prepare better and feel more comfortable during what can be an awkward interviewing process. Many people feel they don’t need to talk to someone and receive positive feedback from them because it is a waste of time. If you are one of those people or if you are a believer in positive reinforcement, contact Keith and I am sure you will find the experience helpful as it will open more doors to you actualizing your true potential.”

Richard Terrazas, JD Candidate

“Confused and astonished after being laid off from a fortune 500, after 12+ years of dedicated service with no clear reason – Keith co-actively refocused my intentions and together we developed a clear and logical action plan that was based in resiliency.  I over came multiple fears around moving forward and faced the rejection by centering my emotions and understanding the dynamics involved in organizations.  I retook control over my life’s journey and have made true strides in reaching a few of my dreams that at one point seemed impossible.  Keith’s coaching is simply phenomenal!”

Mabel MaldonadoNew York

“Keith Lawrence Miller is an enthusiastic and professional individual who radiates a positive force to all those around him.  I had the opportunity to work closely with him on a student/alumni networking event in which he was filled with spirit and thoughtful ideas for how to best facilitate such an event, which by the way was the first time it was being done at our institution.  His carefree, organized and professional attitude combined with his overall communication skills helped make the evening a true success and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I have no doubt that he will fully accomplish anything he puts his mind to in the most successful way possible!”

Michael Kalish, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Teachers College, Columbia University

“The Elite Coach Keith Lawrence Miller is a motivated self-starter who is dedicated to building networked connections among colleagues.  He takes initiative to begin projects and follows through on their execution.”

Stella Maher, M.A. Columbia University

“From the moment I met, Keith Lawrence Miller, I already had a distinct impression of the man who I have come to know and respect. He was strong and polite, confident and humble.  It was apparent that Keith had found a balance in himself that most people strive for throughout the course of their lives.”

Brendan Carr, PhD. Candidate, Columbia University
“Having worked with Keith Lawrence Miller on a number of projects while on the Columbia Senate, I can attest to his hard work and dedication. Not only is he a team player but he is able to step up and place the burden of the task at hand on his shoulders when others are unable to.  In addition, as the Vice President of the Senate, he has spearheaded a variety of initiatives that have greatly benefited the student populace here at Columbia.  These initiatives generally have the aim of promoting a sense of community in the college and range from student mixers to speed networking events. In closing, Keith possesses many of the leadership skills that all organizations need to achieve their goals.”

Eugene Chang, PhD Candidate, Columbia University

“Keith Lawrence Miller first came to my attention when he was elected Vice-President within a month of first making contact with the Columbia Senate.  His impact was telling, and immediate. Having staged several timely and large-scale events providing both students and administrators with innovative ways in which to tackle a variety of academic and career-level challenges, I had no hesitation endorsing Keith’s bid to become my successor as Representative Senator on the Columbia University Senate.  I consider it an apt and resounding testament to his vision and his organizational abilities that he was elected with unanimous consent.”

Ruaridh MacLeod, PhD Candidate, Columbia University
“I worked with Keith Lawrence Miller on the Columbia University Senate, where he served as Vice President.  Throughout our time together I was continuously impressed and inspired by Keith’s leadership abilities.  Under Keith’s guidance, the Senate grew stronger and more cohesive as an organization, and it succeeded in implementing innovative college-wide services, such as Speed Networking and 50% off Columbia University Professional Business cards for all students.  Keith brought a solid vision of unity and success to the Senate and he led by example, placing a strong emphasis on team building within the organization and on strengthening rapport between the Senate and all its constituents.  For Keith, no task was too big or too small, and his enthusiasm and willingness to put in long hours of work was contagious.  Because of him, the Senate grew more motivated, more creative, and more inspired to reach its fullest potential. Keith is an outstanding leader and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with, and learn from him.”

Sophie Sidhu, M.S. Columbia University

“The Million Dollar Coaching Company’s Keith Lawrence Miller, a great Protégé, friend, and colleague acquires a hunger for learning, and desire to help organizations, and its people change. His passion for organizational development and human psychology offers a unique insight, and a different perspective in social and professional situations.”

Cesar Ramirez, M.A. Columbia University – Professional Coach General Electric Human Resources Manager
“I have great appreciation for Keith Lawrence Miller’s interest and work.”

Dr. Claude Steele, Former Provost Columbia University, Acclaimed Researcher: Stereotype Threat, & Author

“Having worked closely with Keith Lawrence Miller, I can say with utmost confidence that he would be a tremendous asset to you.  Keith has a contagious enthusiasm coupled with a strong commitment to completing, with excellence, any task to which he is assigned.  I am highly confident you would be very pleased to have selected Keith to serve you.” • Patricia M. Araujo, U.S. Federal Mediator – EEOC
“The Elite Coach, Keith Lawrence Miller’s advice is a boost of success.  Not only did he provide me with information that I can use in my everyday life, but he also set me up for an internship of a lifetime and the confidence to apply for PhD programs at MIT and Columbia University. Thanks to his resume writing skills, every employer that has looked at my resume called back for an interview!  I can tell you from experience that when Keith used to run his research at CSI, he looked and presented himself so professionally that when students used to pass by they would do a double take.  There was NOT ONE professor I knew that was not familiar with Keith Miller and his research; they all agree on his professional manner and his passion in motivating others.  I have no doubt that Keith Miller will succeed in everything he does because hard work does pay off.”

Mirette MisakResearcher and Student at CUNY
“I wanted to write and tell you that I met a great person today.  Keith Lawrence Miller stepped up to the plate to help me out with my resume.  He politely told me that my resume was not up to par. He told me where to fix it, how to fix it, and how to sell it to an employer.  He coached me on my strengths, and for me to acknowledge my weaknesses, so I could change those weaknesses into strengths.  I found out today that I’m going to have a stellar resume, and I’m going to sell not only my resume, but myself to the next potential employer!!  You gave me the tools today and taught me how to sharpen those tools!!  Thank You for your time and sharing your knowledge with me.”

Scott RenfroeRadiology Technician, Florida

“I was unemployed after graduation for months, my friend told me about Keith, and how he could help me get a job just by making my resume professional.  Keith transformed my resume and as well as my CV.  He helped me get not just 1 job, but 2! Thank you Keith!”

Monica Michail, Pharm. D. – Registered Pharmacist

“I have had the privilege of working alongside Keith L Miller as a member of the Columbia Senate, where his natural talents and hard work was evident to all.  Keith displayed great leadership in developing campus wide events and was also a great listener when advocating for student concerns.  As a friend he is always reliable and someone I know I can turn to for advice, because of his professional knowledge and experience.  I am confident that as a coach Keith’s dedication and enthusiasm will inspire you to reach your full potential.  Based on these qualities, I would highly recommend Keith L. Miller and The Million Dollar Coaching Company.”

Dorothy Caldone, M.A. Columbia University – International Politics


Keith Lawrence Miller, M.A., PCC, BCC, CPRW

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