Perception of Power

Quick Basic Research Introduction:

The concept of power is backed in research by David McClelland:

  1. Need for Power
  2. Need for Affiliation
  3. Need for Achievement

French & Raven’s 5 Bases of Power:

  1. Referent Power: Charismatic Leadership
  2. Legitimate Power: Formal Positional Leadership
  3. Expert Power: Knowledge-Based Leadership
  4. Reward Power: Transactional Leadership
  5. Coercive Power: Authoritative Leadership

*People seek to avoid Punishment & Strive for Rewards

Four Stages of Power

  1. Deriving Power from Others (i.e. Parents)
  2. Independent Powerfulness (i.e. Excessive Showiness)
  3. Helping Others (i.e. Executive Coach)
  4. Deriving Power from Higher Authority (GOD)

Power Corrupts – This basic intro is presented to get us on the same page…

We all Need Power – A Universal Human Need – Why is Power so Attractive?

Do we lack the Power we Desire?

Lacking Power creates a Love of Rules to get Closer to Power

Is there such an item as Ultimate Power?

If you had Complete Power, Would you be Corrupt? (i.e. Saddam Hussein) Of Course you say, NO…

Is Not having Ultimate Power a Universal Law that Protects Humankind? (i.e. Law of Motion)

Is Power as Conceptual as Time? It exists whether we acknowledge it or not

What is the Perception of Power? Is it Objective or Subjective?

Is Power about Control or Giving-up Control? (i.e. Empowering Others)

How can You Maximize Possession of Power without Hurting Anyone? (i.e. Senate vs. President)

A very important question that is unanswered!!!

Who Controls the Perception of Power?

*Are we controlled by Institutional Power? (i.e. Parking Tickets, Taxes, etc…)

Is it Ethical? (Food for Thought)

Is the One who Controls the Perception of Power the Most Powerful?

Daily activities abide by rules governed by environment – Most are Man-Made to Control & Keep Order – Power Corrupts so it needs to be Monitored.

No one should have Ultimate Power because it will lead to destruction – Have you seen any movies lately?

Those who control the Perception of Power have the Ultimate Power over the Immediate Environment & the Human Need for this Power causes Institutional Struggles that have Reformulated Successful Societies over the Existence of Humankind – Have you read Machiavelli or 48 Laws of Power?

Fortunately, Ultimate Power does not exist – We all desire Power because it Creates a Sense of Self-Worth and a Sense of Control over the Environment. As Humans, we are Blessed with conscious awareness and the ability to Perceive the Complexities of Power. Power is unseen & formed in our Collective Unconscious. We are controlled by Power whether we like it or not.

Power is Elusive – Power Controls – Power Dictates

Maybe that is why we want it….

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Keith Miller

Keith Lawrence Miller, Organizational Psychologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC), with subject matter expertise in executive career & leadership coaching and management consulting supported by a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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