Origins of personal development

I’m sure you have heard these before!


  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  2. What goes around comes around
  3. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you
  4. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link
  5. A friend in need is a friend in deed
  6. Birds of a feather flock together
  7. Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  8. Actions speak louder than words
  9. All good things must come to an end
  10. All is fair in love and war
  11. All that glitters is not gold
  12. All’s well that ends well
  13. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  14. As you make your bed so must you lie in it
  15. Bad news travels fast
  16. Beggars can’t be choosers
  17. Better late than never
  18. Better safe than sorry
  19. Blood is thicker than water
  20. Business before pleasure
  21. Crime does not pay
  22. Curiosity killed the cat
  23. Diligence is the mother of fortune
  24. Divide and rule
  25. Do as I say and not as I do
  26. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
  27. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  28. Every dog has his day
  29. Easier said than done
  30. Don’t wash your dirty linen in public
  31. Failure teaches success
  32. First come, first served
  33. First think, and then speak
  34. Fight fire with fire
  35. Finders keepers, losers weepers
  36. Garbage in, garbage out
  37. Give credit where credit is due
  38. God helps them who help themselves
  39. Good fences make good neighbors
  40. Great minds think a lot
  41. He who hesitates is lost
  42. Ignorance is bliss
  43. Keep your mouth shut and ears open
  44. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place
  45. Live and learn
  46. Look before you leap
  47. Love is blind
  48. Look on the bright side
  49. Mind your own business
  50. Money is the root of all evil
  51. Never judge from appearances
  52. Never too late to learn
  53. No pain, no gain
  54. Nothing succeeds like success
  55. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  56. Old habits die hard
  57. Out of sight, out of mind
  58. Patience is a virtue
  59. Practice makes perfect
  60. One good turn deserves another
  61. Practice what you preach
  62. Seeing is believing
  63. Strike while the iron is hot
  64. The best things in life are free
  65. The bigger they are the harder they fall
  66. The first step is the hardest
  67. The more you get the more you want
  68. There are two sides to every question
  69. There is a time and place for everything
  70. Tomorrow is another day
  71. Time heals all wounds
  72. Two heads are better than one
  73. Variety is the spice of life
  74. True love never grows old
  75. Two wrongs do not make a right
  76. United we stand divided we fall
  77. When in doubt do nothing
  78. Where there is a will there is a way
  79. You can’t please everyone
  80. You can’t tell a book by its cover
  81. You can’t take it with you when you die
  82. You cannot have your cake and eat it
  83. You win some you lose some
  84. You don’t get something for nothing
  85. You can’t win them all

All self-help and personal development techniques stem from the foundation

developed by Proverbs from civilizations of the past.

We might make these Proverbs sound more intellectual today,

but the premise of all development lies in these time-tested phrases.

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Keith Miller

Keith Lawrence Miller, Organizational Psychologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC), with subject matter expertise in executive career & leadership coaching and management consulting supported by a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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