Change, Vision, and Leadership: Let’s Change the World!

Change, Vision, and Leadership: Let’s Change the World!

What is it and how do we do it?

21st Century Competition: brings the concept of change to the forefront in Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Life, and is pervasive throughout all group processes effecting society at large and universally. Change brings stress on all levels but is inherently mandatory in our current society.

Rules for Successful Change Practice:

1. Victory is not certain until the complete change process is complete

2. Leadership must be fully committed to the process of change

3. Incentives are integral for short term wins by removing complacency

4. Effective Communication is Key to change efforts and needs to be clear and focused

 Transformational Leadership:

Conveys Vision; Directs the Movement; Aligns Motives; & Inspires Action

5. Refrain from frustrating employees with micro-managing daily processes

6. Develop and display a keen ability to adapt to the ever changing environments

7. Never underestimate forces that reinforce complacency which maintain status quo

 Old Leadership: Command and control (Not Flexible)

New Leadership: Teams and creativity (Very Flexible)

Adversarial Factors Against Change:

1. Inwardly focused culture 2. Paralyzing Bureaucracy 3. Parochial Politics

4. Low Level of Trust 5. Lack of teamwork 6. Arrogance

7. Lack of leadership at the middle management 8. Fear of the unknown

(Information on these factors  1-8 derived from John Kotter’s, Leading Change)

 What factors implement setbacks in organizational change?

Arresting Supervisors, Incongruent organizational structures, Incentive system, cultural norms, and Long-term peer relationships, HR Systems

Getting Change Projects to Work:

Mid-Level Leadership towards change is critical and enabling this effective Leadership is a Key component to the Change process.

Who do you, he, she, they, I care about?

Myself? Change has to be in one’s best interest or it will be rejected!

Leadership Keys to Change Success:

1. Incorporate a sacrifice into the mission that everyone can get behind

2. Promise higher benefits in return for change loyalty

3. Provide clear vision that makes sense for all involved after completion of change

4. Make ambitious goals look easy to implement

Questions to ask yourself and others involved:

Do you agree with and follow blindly what you are told?

Do you candidly voice your position with charisma and tact?

Did you know that the employees that are candid in an appropriate way climb the corporate ladder faster and earn more money than their peers?

Are you alarmed about the current economic situation we are facing globally? NO

Why not?

Because: Put a frog in warm water, slowly heat it, the frog will stay in the warm water until it boils and they die. They don’t get out when it gets too hot. Why?

Because: They are unable to sense immediate danger due to complacency and by the time they felt like getting out of the hot water: It was too Late.

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Keith Miller

Keith Lawrence Miller, Organizational Psychologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC), with subject matter expertise in executive career & leadership coaching and management consulting supported by a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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