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Career Coaching involves working with an individual to improve their presentation skills, organizational awareness, target strategies, and to evaluate companies for best fit. Career Coaching uses self-assessments to understand strengths and weaknesses and to apply abilities appropriately into the correct career path.

Career coaching enables the client to leverage their skills and successfully apply themselves to the interview. Career coaching creates self-awareness for the client that enhances self-esteem, self-efficacy, and removes false underlying beliefs as well as environmentally implanted fear.

Career coaching co-develops strategies and action plans that structure a successful approach to landing the ideal job in the shortest amount of time. Our career coaching process includes a full resume review, mock interviews, and career coaching self-assessments that improve the visibility of the career landscape.

Our Career Coaching process understands the game theory of career management and career coaching has the client’s concern as the #1 priority.

What is Career Coaching for?

Employees at all levels need to be proactive in managing their careers in order to be successful. Planning future moves today provides a level of security that is lacking in today’s career landscape. Career Coaching is about coaching the organizations supporting cast which reduces turnover, improves productivity and provides greater collaboration which greatly improves innovation.  Career Coaching provides customized learning and development that can be applied within the organization or to the future organization that supplies gainful employment.  Career Coaching helps and defines individualized work and how it supports the overall organizational meaning.  Career Intelligence is about understanding the employment dynamic and career coaching enables the client to understand their place within this large ecosystem of complexity.  Career Coaching empowers our clients to become more competent in their abilities and to apply their capabilities appropriately to leverage their specialties and strengths to make a larger impact for their organization and within their life.

Who is Career Coaching for?

College/Graduate Student: Establishing career vision, branding and marketing skills for the workplace, understanding the dynamics of the workplace, identifying strengths and how they relate to career placement, creating a job search strategy, preparing resumes and cover letters for applying to industries, preparing behaviors for social and team interactions, scripting interview skills for acing the interview, acquiring a new job, adapting to the new job and the new organizational dynamics, understanding organizational fit and finding rhythm within the job role, using assessments to provide third-party perception to enable a greater sense of self-awareness, apply the new information to increase productivity and influence.
Career Change / Career transition: Reframing experience to apply to new career journey, understanding strengths and weaknesses and how they apply to the new landscape of specific industries, leveraging previous experience to enhance self brand, learn how to market abilities to negotiate a higher salary, implement customized job search strategy, understand motivations for career transition, mastering the interview process to obtain new employment, understanding organizational dynamics in target industries and how to become the fit they are searching for, use self assessments to enable a greater awareness of self and apply this learning to the desired goals, get target area employment, prepare to adapt to new employment and sustain effectiveness in new role, develop goals to increase success and reach desired levels of achievement.

Mid-Level Professionals: Avoid burnout and create a more successful work/life balance, understand the organizational dynamics involved in the career process, co-develop goals to reach new achievements within current organization or how to apply these new goals for leveraging new employment in a more fitting job role, creating an enhanced personal brand that can be leveraged to negotiate a larger salary, identifying behaviors and they relate to the workplace and their effect on team cohesiveness, using professional assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and knowledge and how to enhance their effectiveness in relation to the workplace, having a confidential outlet to express suppressed details that affect performance and allow the negativity to release in order to lead a longer, happier, and more fulfilled life, created targeted goals to enlarge job role and increase influence within organization.

   9 Reasons Why a Career Coach is for you 

 1. Career Awareness

Are you unhappy or frustrated in your current career role and desire something more prescriptive for your abilities? A career coach can skillfully support your discovery concerning order of importance and hold accountability for concretely implementing your specific talents, abilities, skills, and strengths to gain the desired position that you deserve.

2. Understand and Leverage your Strengths

A career coach will identify your strengths through reflection, conversation, and professional assessments which will design a co-created path to leveraging for greater potential. This process increases self-awareness concerning abilities and aids in important career decision-making. It will highlight areas you may not have considered before and you can address any weaknesses that may be holding you back or use them to your advantage.

3. Co-creating Career Vision and Design

A career coach will co-structure a progressive career plan for future success. Understanding your decision-making and instinctive preferences will guide you towards the ideal position that will fit your needs.  Game theory provides a strategic understanding of the choices we have made and what choices are needed in order to get to the desired destination.

4. Co-Develop Self-Confidence

You may have a plan for your future, but you may be consciously or subconsciously holding yourself back.  A career coach can help you to develop greater confidence through honest constructive feedback aimed to support and motivate intentions that target developing a stronger self-awareness. Fear provides a strong road block for most people that stifles development and prevents the unlocking of pure potential.  A career coach will support you in overcoming these self-created self-defeating beliefs.

5. Job Support

A career coach can assist you during the various stages of your job search. From helping you to develop your resume and cover letter, to locating the ideal position, and then implementing mock interview sessions to get you to ace the interview – You will receive support throughout the process.

6. Ready for Promotion

Are you climbing the hierarchical ladder?  Are you expanding your job role?  Are you transferring from a technical position into a leadership position? A career coach can help you succeed at the transition.  A high percentage of high potentials fail during this transition and a career coach dramatically reduces failure by identifying barriers and obstacles associated with career change.  Change brings stress and a change in the work environment can negatively affect all areas of life including your family and friendships. A career coach is the optimal choice for winning at this transition and making a difficult situation seem easy and help set you up for the next promotion.

7. Workplace Support

How is your organizational climate? Is there a gossiper trying to get the inside scoop on everyone? Are you having trouble managing an associate? Are you in a position of managing up?  A career coach will assist you with difficult situations concerning co-workers.  A career coach will co-develop tailor-made strategies to enhance your managerial competence. A career coach will help you achieve success in the workplace by increasing your leader profile, enhance relationships building abilities, and improve your personal and professional effectiveness.

8. Work-Life Balance and Goals

Do you have a loving family? Do you have friends that provide an outlet for your busy work routine?  Do you want weekends off for self-care and relaxation?  A career does not exist in a vacuum and your support system is integral for your success.  An important component of career coaching is to make certain that client goals fit succinctly with other aspects of life. For example, if work/life balance is mostly work, then this will create conflict that will corrupt all aspects of your life.  A skilled career coach will acknowledge your development in keeping balance and provide valuable feedback to create awareness when balance is off.

9. Develop the all-important Skill of Self-Awareness

Self awareness is defined as someone who knows their outward behaviors and actions as others see them.  This skill identifies great leaders and should be a goal for everyone.  Being self-aware provides a better understanding of the self, creates stronger relationships, and increases effective communication. Psychometric tests such as a multi-rater feedback and other techniques are used to develop greater self-awareness. The one gift you will receive when working with a skilled professional career coach through the coaching relationship will be a sense of greater self-awareness.

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Executive Career Coaching

External Barriers to Success:
• Competition is fierce
• Interviews are hard to get and then win
• Globalization and Poor Economics are holding back even the most qualified

You need a Strategy:
• You need to develop a system that gets you the success that you deserve
• The job market has hit an all-time low point
• 40% of American workers are either unemployed or under-employed
• Potential employees are applying to jobs that are beneath their education, experience, and skill levels.

Career Tips:
• These factors have influenced the perception of the way employees are valued and assessed. One key to getting the job you deserve is to possess the correct attitude and mindset that qualifies you to gain proper employment.
• A skilled professional career coach will co-develop a winning plan that will get you the position you deserve by leveraging your strengths and targeting specific areas for application.
• A career coach will support your personal and professional development with proper assessments, constructive coaching sessions, mock interviews, strategic support, identification of goals, needs, values, and abilities and more.
Employment is a supply and demand issue at this point because there are more people from around the world competing for the same position. The demand is high. Companies are using computers to outsource jobs and using off shoring as a tool to lower labor costs. This is reducing the supply. This combination has been deadly for the American economy and its workers.

There is hope:
Not all jobs can be outsourced and not all jobs can be done through a computer. You are still needed.  We have entered a new type of economy. The knowledge economy – you have to leverage your abilities and show your value to potential employees.

This economy is about relationships:
Technical abilities are still needed but on a smaller basis. Relationships and innovation are key for economic development. Companies want employees that are going to contribute. Our career coaching process will work with you to develop your skills to fit the new mode of employment.

Confidence and Application
employing the right professional career coach will allow you the ability to have multiple perspectives on each situation and you will afford the ability to acquire another set of skilled eyes to help you understand the difficult process of overcoming adversity.
The right professional Career Coach will enable you to clearly view blind spots and enhance your positional effectiveness. Our transformational coaching process incorporates practical action steps that enable faster success.
The difference between our career coaching process and other professional career coaches is that we have a unique ability to transfer knowledge cutting edge industry knowledge, accurately understand perspectives without judgement, create an extremely comfortable confidential atmosphere for optimized awareness and solutions.
We implement customized mock interviews that will securely prepare you to conquer the most challenging interview.
We provide cover letter and resume makeovers that represent your first impression extremely well and provide you an opportunity to interview for your dream job. The difference between a job today and a job next month is a month’s salary = est. $5,000 for a $60,000 job.
Career coaching is an investment in developing your personal and professional abilities which will provide you with a successful outcome when compared to a competitor without a career coach.
Invest in yourself and get a Return on Investment today!


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