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* Customized Leadership & Executive Coaching & Consultation

* M.A. from Columbia University * Organizational Psychologist

* Board Certified Career Coach (BCC)

* ICF Certified & Credentialed Career Coach (PCC)

* Official Columbia University Career Coach

* 1000s of satisfied clients

We provide Certified Professional Action-based Leadership Development, Executive Coaching Solutions, and Consultation services to Maximize Leadership abilities through Innovative Communication, Goal Setting, and behavioral change.

Executive Career Coaching & Consultation Services

Coach Training in Organizations and Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentials

Customized Career Coaching, Interview Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Executive Resume & LinkedIn Profile Development Services

Business Services

We provide Ivy League Resumes, Ivy League Cover Letters, and Incredible Professional LinkedIn profiles to maximize personal and professional branding to achieve success at the next level for entry-level, Mid-Level, and Executive Levels.

  • Mock Interviews for professionals and students, Business Consulting for start-ups, Entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies, Emotional Intelligence development for Leadership, and Executive Career Coaching for maximizing leadership competencies in Corporations
  • Social Media Marketing for maximizing online presence and developing the meaning of your business in the minds of potential clients
  • We support development of targeted positive behaviors and support the elimination of negative processes and behaviors, in which, maximize the potential of your business, your people, and your money.
  • Our Purpose: To develop better Leaders, better People, more Career Satisfaction & more Successful Living

Our coaching services are confidential, non-judgmental, goal focused; action-oriented, solutions focused, and intended to increase knowledge, skills, competencies, and behaviors that generate improved outcomes in alignment with professional development

Confidentiality & Professionalism paired with value-based Leadership combine to create the foundation of our services with industry leading credentials and an Ivy League Education. The client-centered service delivers premium value & service above and beyond the competition while offering competitive services globally that enable each client to reach their highest potential by clearly analyzing individual needs, clarifying situations, enhancing communications, and implementing action steps based on individualized performance goals.

Guaranteed premium quality service backed by intellectual competence, coupled with a drive to develop positive change in society as well as client success is the ultimate focus.

Keith Lawrence Miller

Career & Leadership Specialist | Author of Leadership Coaching Blog

✓ Keith, a better Coach, a better Choice.
✓ Maximum Personal & Professional Development!

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Keith Lawrence Miller is one of the most sought-after Career Coaches and Leadership Consultants worldwide, building an impeccable record of client satisfaction in the process. An ICF Associate Credentialed Coach who provides succinct Coach Training and Mentor Coaching leading to coaching certification and credentialing. He provides executive level services from Leadership & Career Coaching to Resume Development & Interview Coaching. He maintains strong business acumen with an expansive cross-cultural expertise spanning several continents. An expert in Emotional, Social, and Cultural Intelligence with a certificate from Columbia University who provides the finest action-based coaching available.

Keith works with prestigious clientele to generate earnings, career satisfaction, strategic solutions, high-level leadership, awareness, & overall alignment. Interested? If you could afford the luxury of having a professional development coach/consultant — Contact Keith for a FREE consultation.

Keith provides Certified & Credentialed Solution-Focused Personal & Professional Development Coaching/Consulting for Executive Leadership & Career Development for Maximizing Opportunity & Growth through Behavioral Change, Communication, & Transitioning + S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting.

Keith Lawrence Miller, M.A., PCC, BCC, CPRW

Elite Pro Coach | Ivy League Resumes

ICF Certified & Credentialed Coach (PCC) | Board Certified Coach (BCC)

M.A. Columbia University | Organizational Psychologist

(855) My-Pro-Coach | Skype (718) 717-2820

http://EliteProCoach.com | www.LinkedIn.com/in/keithlawmiller


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