Monthly Archives: November 2012

What do Infants have to do with Leadership?

What do Infants have to do with Leadership? Everything! Leaders need followers to be labeled a leader. Without followers there is no leader. People make up groups and groups are formed with individuals that have similar characteristics. Groups need leaders and understanding the core unconscious formation of groups is essential for instilling an appropriate leadership […]

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Leading Freedom and Personal Accountability

What is freedom and what is it worth to you? When I think about the meaning of Freedom: I think about… U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights Genocide and Communism Cuba’s Socialism and Socially Constricting Religious Constructs Science and Speech Woman’s rights and Capitalism Trade and Entrepreneurism Ultimately, Freedom is not perfect, but together, […]

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Hurricane Sandy: Leadership from Within

People piling their ruined belongings in their front yards, cars piled on top of cars, and whole areas destroyed. People struggling without electricity to keep warm, and in some cases, there were no homes to pick-up. The devastation was enormous – a mini Katrina event that has rocked the core of New York. Billions of […]

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