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The Evil Motivation of Money

Is money Evil? This is open to opinion and speculation. Money provides us with wealth in the form of meeting needs. Money provides the ability to buy products and services that are needed for survival and a better quality of life. Everyone wants and needs money for our health, happiness, success, and survival. Everyone strives […]

Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era

Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era Peter Drucker warned General Motors (GM) about inherent dangers associated with their business model and GM Leadership refused to listen. Peter Drucker was shunned and despised for proposing such a condescending view. His foresight was disregarded because GM was in all regards, a Corporate Super-Power. We all […]

Overcoming Adversity (2 of 2)

Overcoming Adversity: (Part 2 of 2) Conclusion (I know you’re in suspense!) Part 1 offered this thought: People don’t live up to their potential because they are told they can’t! How do we overcome this negativity? The power of success is within us and we have to understand that we all face adversity regardless of […]

Overcoming Adversity: (Part 1 of 2)

Overcoming Adversity: (Part 1 of 2) Adversity and Defeat: two terms no one wants to face. Why? Because it takes too much effort – but, unfortunately, none of us will get through life without facing these obstacles. I outline methods here that help us deal with these uncomfortable moments in life. Adversity and Defeat are the […]

Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox

Please feel free to visit www.EliteProCoach.comfor more information. Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox As coaches, we aim to support the development of our clients to meet strategic goals and to enhance overall quality of life.  Coaching and Leadership intersect – In the organizational sense; Associates want value from their leaders, and desire to develop […]

End Bullying!!

End Bullying!! When is the system going to implement a zero-tolerance rule against bullying? What is it going to take for the system to understand the importance of fighting the bullying phenomenon? How many more kids have to die before drastic measures have to be taken? It all starts and ends with the system and […]

A New Year – Joy or Dread?

A New Year – Joy or Dread? We are all aware of the 2012 predictions based on the Mayan calendar… Did anyone know that the Mayans have three cycles (short, medium & long) in their calendar that are repetitive? 2012 is the end of the long cycle and then the short cycle begins, but their […]