Monthly Archives: December 2011

Political Power Struggle, Corruption, and Unemployment

Political Power Struggle, Corruption, and Unemployment  What is the connection? This will shock you!! Who will you choose to be the next President of the United States of America? Does it really matter? Will one person with mutually aligned values and principles really make a difference among a system where incentives rule the divide? Can […]

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Holiday Cheer

Peace, Love, and Harmony… The holiday season is where we show each other love and appreciation through celebration and holiday cheer. Some express these feelings through gift giving and others express these feelings by being in service to others. There are many gifts we could give and they all begin with our inner-self. If we […]

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Assumptions and cognitive short-cuts are the way of the world today because there is too much information to handle for anyone. Brains are growing faster than ever, but information is developing at a much greater rate. The trick to dealing with information overload is to create a shortcut to understanding external stimulation which usually leads […]

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