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Perception of Power

Quick Basic Research Introduction: The concept of power is backed in research by David McClelland: Need for Power Need for Affiliation Need for Achievement French & Raven’s 5 Bases of Power: Referent Power: Charismatic Leadership Legitimate Power: Formal Positional Leadership Expert Power: Knowledge-Based Leadership Reward Power: Transactional Leadership Coercive Power: Authoritative Leadership *People seek to […]

Feelings vs. Emotions

Feelings vs. Emotions Do you know the difference? Which one is more important? Emotions are impulsive and cause reactions to stimuli in a raw way. Emotions are animalistic and controlled by the amygdala which is the oldest part of the human brain. Animals act with this impulse – An example: Taking another’s food and eating […]

Business Plan: Follower Development

Leaders need followers and developing an exceptional program for comfortable followership is important. Empowerment enables the follower to do their job more efficiently and implementing empowerment begins with creating more involvement, a fun environment, offer development programs for succession planning, provide information on how their input is making a positive difference for the organization, and […]

Process of Acknowledging Advertisements

Process of acknowledging advertisements It takes 20 ad exposures before one will buy your product Here are the steps: Looks at advertisement – Does not see it. Does not notice it. Conscious of existence. Faintly remembers having seen it before Reads it Turns up nose to it Reads it through and says “Oh brother”. Says, […]

From fired to empowerED

From fired to empowerED Guess what your fired – Now what? Has this happened to you or do you fear this happening to you one day? Probably – Maybe we all do! But, don’t fret because there is something wonderful about being fired…. Who else shared in this ultimate form of rejection? Pat Mitchell – […]