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Bubbles within bubbles: Protection or Deceit Ah, suburbia, stop signs, food stores, sunshine, family, safety, happiness! I love it here as does everyone else who understands how lucky we are…. We need to take a moment from our busy lives for gratitude…. We are fortunate: Fortunate that we were lucky enough to find ourselves in […]

Emotional Intelligence in a Nut-Shell

Meeting Cary Cherniss PhD, thought leader in emotional intelligence (EI) was an amazing experience. I have done the EI research in the past, and his work consistently came up, and others in the field referred to him as the one person who could analyze, and understand the dynamics surrounding the compete EI situation. I would […]

Reality vs. Fantasy – Are they the same?

Reality vs. Fantasy – Are they the same? It is assumed that you know human history and understand the world around us today. This writing is meant to boost your awareness and invoke you to think “outside the box”. Warning – Statements below are, “outside the box”. We, humankind have created our own reality – […]

Why Coaching?

Why Coaching? Coaching is an experience! The power of Coaching has been discovered in the last few years and there has been an effort to increase the visibility of this new phenomenon. Professional Coaching is the next step in evolution and the most successful people in our generation have discovered the power of coaching. All […]

Is Wall Street to Blame?

Is Wall Street to Blame? Answer: Yes & No Financial weapons of mass destruction – Warren Buffett Financial economists in Ivy League schools created advanced mathematical concepts to enhance the ability to make money – These enhancements were implemented into the market and to their surprise – really worked! These concepts created money out of […]

Updated American Leadership Paradox (submitted to ICF for newsletter)

Please feel free to visit for more information. Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox As coaches, we aim to support the development of our clients to meet strategic goals and to enhance overall quality of life.  Coaching and Leadership intersect – In the organizational sense; Associates want value from their leaders, and desire to […]

Prevention Parenting

Prevention Parenting The most important aspect to being a great parent is practicing prevention. I have five kids which gives me a valuable prospective on this issue. Preventing problems is the #1 tool against dangerous life situations involving your kid/s. Many parents are concerned with preventing kids from falling down stairs, being bullied at school, […]